How We Got The Attention of Universal Music, TikTok HQ & WorldStarHipHop With A TikTok Trend

Rebecca Smart Bakken
10 min readMay 26, 2021
How we got the attention of Universal Music, TikTok HQ & WorldStarHipHop with a TikTok trend

Creating a TikTok trend is possible with good planning, some patience and whole lot of creativity. Our trend didn’t go stratospheric but it caught the attention of industry bigwigs and continues to get visibility for the artist we worked with.

In my agency (SMART Music Agency) we often take on artists who are signed to record labels but are seeking alternative help with their marketing strategies because they don’t get the help they want from the label.

After all the record labels have so many artists to take care of, they cannot do everything for every act on their books.

This is exactly what happened recently with a case I was working on.

As we have had some success with TikTok within my agency, Steve Spotlight approached me with a case he wanted to collaborate on.

Yes, we as music marketers collaborate also! That’s often how we get the best results on our campaigns.

This particular case was an Afrobeat artist signed to Universal Music. However, because of the viral successes happening on TikTok, they were interested in exploring this field a bit more.

But obviously they were not getting the help they wanted from the label. So they sought expertise from us.

In this case study, I want to take you through the campaign. Although it’s a small campaign with a small budget, it makes it very relatable to you as a DIY musician.

We received a budget of $500 and set a goal to get 1000 content creators on TikTok doing their thing to the artist’s new release.

So let me take you through how we worked on this campaign and share with you some mistakes we made so you can learn from them.

1. Create a Plan for…

Rebecca Smart Bakken

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