10 years ago Instagram was a simple photo-sharing app with a straightforward feed and basic filter options. Today, you can wow your followers using Instagram stories.

With super impressive growth and a lot of learning in between, I’m now growing 300+ followers a day on TikTok — here’s how and why you should be doing the same.

How we got the attention of Universal Music, TikTok HQ & WorldStarHipHop with a TikTok trend

Creating a TikTok trend is possible with good planning, some patience and whole lot of creativity. Our trend didn’t go stratospheric but it caught the attention of industry bigwigs and continues to get visibility for the artist we worked with.

The music industry took a major beating from the pandemic, and DJs found themselves taking some of the most significant blows.

In the world of music marketing, copyright issues have always been a challenge. But the mass departure from traditional marketing to an influx of online performances spotlighted just how unprepared social media platforms were for this live stream takeover.

The Day The Music Died

Considering that email marketing is one the most effective ways to reach your audience, it’s actually one of the most overlooked marketing strategies used by musicians right now. Creating and using an email list could be the key to your success.

New artists are breaking into the scene every day because their song has gone viral on TikTok — but how do you actually do it?

Rebecca Smart Bakken

Rebecca is a tech entrepreneur driving change in the new music industry through innovative marketing strategies. Specialising in content marketing for musicians

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