New artists are breaking into the scene every day because their song has gone viral on TikTok — but how do you actually do it?

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If you take a look at the billboard charts these days, you will see a common thread amongst the tracks at the top of the chart. Most of them have or are currently going viral on TikTok.

With over 1 billion users, it makes sense that for any new pop music to chart in 2021, it pretty much has to go viral on TikTok.

The whole platform is built around audio. Way more so than Reels on Instagram or Shorts on Youtube. …

Ghost and bot accounts only make it look like you have a large following. Fake followers like these are not increasing your sales, your reach or your self-worth. Let’s take a look at how to remove them and make your Instagram more authentic.

It happens all of the time. I meet musicians who are looking for help with growing their social media presence, and have received help from other marketers in the past. These ‘professionals’ decided to use a growth strategy on the account that has been proven not to work; using Instagram bots to increase followers. The classic follow/unfollow strategy is still in use today, but Instagram is clever, and it’s now becoming less and less effective. Fake followers just don’t work anymore.

Meaningful conversation

Over the past few years, social media has changed drastically. Once dominated by spam and fake interactions, we can…

One of the biggest mistakes I see musicians, and everyone else for that matter, make when using Facebook ads is that they push their content to the wrong audience — or too broad of an audience (to begin with).

When you set up your ads, you need to tell Facebook who you want them to aim these particular ads at — well, who you want to see these ads.

What people typically do is start including loads and loads of different interests until the “audience reach” gets bigger and bigger, so it looks like your ad will be seen by…

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Are music videos moving from landscape/horizontal orientation and long format to portrait/vertical orientation and short format? Perhaps…

The big issue with online music videos is that video content is moving from being horizontal to vertical.

Over the last few years we have seen more and more video formats taking over that are vertical. First the Snapchat & the Instagram Story, then IGTV, and now Tik/Tok and Reels.

I remember when Instagram first announced Stories and IGTV with their vertical, screen filling formats, so many of my videographer and video editing friends were livid!

“So you want us to start making…

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Instagram has come a long way from just posting square images onto the feed. There are now lots of different ways to post on Instagram from Stories to IGTV to Reels and more.

Each of these different types of Instagram posts requires a different sized image or video depending on whether they are fitting on to the feed or filling the full screen, such as a Live video, IGTV, Reels, etc.

Getting the wrong size, resolution, or aspect ratio for your post can make your Instagram start to look pretty messy & unprofessional. …

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In today’s article, I want to optimize your EPK to assist you to get more bookings, sales, press and all the other useful coverage — in the right places.

Your EPK is your resume/CV. It is what you use when you interact with industry people and organisations.

If you have been in contact with a record label, the chances are high that they have asked for your EPK.

Similarly, if you have tried to get press outlets to write about you & your music, journalists and news outlets will always ask for your EPK.

It is a single page that…

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One of my areas of expertise whilst working as a consultant, before I launched my own online business, was helping people and brands to monetize their content.

How do you actually create digital products around your brand specifically focused on content?

Musicians may have hopes of making a living solely from their music, either through song or album purchases or through streaming sites and distribution channels, however this is going to take time and unfortunately it cannot be your main source of revenue.

That is why performing live has been so important for musicians as they can directly generate revenue…

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I feel like we have aged 10 years in just 9 months, this has opened up lots of opportunities but also presented a lot of obstacles.

With the closure of most live music venues, we have also seen the increase of online live streaming as artists look for new outlets for their live performances.

To put it mildly, 2020 has been an interesting year.

I feel like we have aged 10 years in just 9 months, this has opened up lots of opportunities but also presented a lot of obstacles.

With the closure of most live music venues, we have…

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One of the many reasons I have been obsessed with hip hop all my life is not only because of the great music and storytelling, but also because of the techniques and methods that are used to promote and share hip hop music to the rest of the world.

Hip hop has always been controversial and cutting edge, because in the beginning it wasn’t supported by the mainstream record labels and radio stations and was looked down upon by the general public as a bad influence.

I mean, remember the FBI’s attempts to censor NWA in the ‘80s? …

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Starting any business on your own can seem quite a big mountain to climb, especially when you’re busy creating music and trying to learn the best techniques of marching alone.

To make this process easier for independent musicians, I’ve pulled together 10 of the best tools out there that’ll make your online marketing a lot easier.

These are fundamental areas you should complete in order to have a well-oiled machine that will cover everything you need when starting out.

I strongly recommend you take some time with each of these tools and learn the ropes of how they work, what…

Rebecca Smart Bakken

An Ibiza based ex-tech-marketing guru turned ‘Audience Queen’ working with musicians on digital marketing and strategy

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