Considering that email marketing is one the most effective ways to reach your audience, it’s actually one of the most overlooked marketing strategies used by musicians right now. Creating and using an email list could be the key to your success.

Think of it this way; use your social media to grow your brand and build trust and awareness throughout your online community. Use your email list to grow your revenue. So, whilst social media has its place, email marketing is one of the best ways to get in front of your fans.

So rather than spend your time fighting for visibility and attention on various social media platforms with the hundreds (if not thousands) of artists around you, why not look at email marketing to reach out directly to your followers.

Now, I’m not saying forget about social media completely…

We live in an age of Influencers — Social Media icons who have built large followings on their platforms. They got their name as a reference to the large influence they have over their fans, often called clout. Different influencers tap into that clout in different ways, but what we’ll focus on is their ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service. They do this by promoting or recommending them on their platform — sometimes for compensation. …

10 years ago Instagram was a simple photo-sharing app with a straightforward feed and basic filter options. Today, you can wow your followers using Instagram stories.

In the early days, the common complaint was along the lines of ‘Anyone can be a professional photographer now.’ Little did we know that this unique app would lead the charge on small creators branding themselves and creating large followings using free social media platforms.

A decade plus later and the game has changed — the focus is less on photography these days — now videography is the hot medium. Nearly all social media platforms now skew heavily toward video content, and Instagram is no exception. If you aren’t already, you should be focusing on investing time and effort into…

Get started on TikTok as a musician and make your music go viral.

An important skill as a musician is to start investing in and scaling up your content creation to build up your online presence. You need to invest this time and effort — there’s no way around it these days. Getting music viral on TikTok as a musician is no easy feat but the results are so worth it.

Knowing that you need to devote time and energy to this, you need to take two things into consideration when you make this choice: 1) Where is my audience…

How to use messenger apps to market your music

What if I told you that there was another way to talk to your fans directly? That using messenger apps is actually the best way to build a fanbase or convert fans into super fans!

Using direct marketing methods to promote your music is a crucial strategy for musicians. The easiest way to do this is through email marketing. Direct and personal, using email marketing means you can send an email out to everyone on your list that has ‘opted in’.

They’ve given you permission to send messages to their inbox. 100% of people on that list will receive your…

New artists are breaking into the scene every day because their song has gone viral on TikTok — but how do you actually do it?

If you take a look at the billboard charts these days, you will see a common thread amongst the tracks at the top of the chart. Most of them have or are currently going viral on TikTok.

With over 1 billion users, it makes sense that for any new pop music to chart in 2021, it pretty much has to go viral on TikTok.

The whole platform is built around audio. Way more so than Reels on Instagram or Shorts on Youtube. …

Ghost and bot accounts only make it look like you have a large following. Fake followers like these are not increasing your sales, your reach or your self-worth. Let’s take a look at how to remove them and make your Instagram more authentic.

It happens all of the time. I meet musicians who are looking for help with growing their social media presence, and have received help from other marketers in the past. These ‘professionals’ decided to use a growth strategy on the account that has been proven not to work; using Instagram bots to increase followers. The classic follow/unfollow strategy is still in use today, but Instagram is clever, and it’s now becoming less and less effective. Fake followers just don’t work anymore.

Meaningful conversation

Over the past few years, social media has changed drastically. Once dominated by spam and fake interactions, we can…

One of the biggest mistakes I see musicians, and everyone else for that matter, make when using Facebook ads is that they push their content to the wrong audience — or too broad of an audience (to begin with).

When you set up your ads, you need to tell Facebook who you want them to aim these particular ads at — well, who you want to see these ads.

What people typically do is start including loads and loads of different interests until the “audience reach” gets bigger and bigger, so it looks like your ad will be seen by…

Are music videos moving from landscape/horizontal orientation and long format to portrait/vertical orientation and short format? Perhaps…

The big issue with online music videos is that video content is moving from being horizontal to vertical.

Over the last few years we have seen more and more video formats taking over that are vertical. First the Snapchat & the Instagram Story, then IGTV, and now Tik/Tok and Reels.

I remember when Instagram first announced Stories and IGTV with their vertical, screen filling formats, so many of my videographer and video editing friends were livid!

“So you want us to start making…

Instagram has come a long way from just posting square images onto the feed. There are now lots of different ways to post on Instagram from Stories to IGTV to Reels and more.

Each of these different types of Instagram posts requires a different sized image or video depending on whether they are fitting on to the feed or filling the full screen, such as a Live video, IGTV, Reels, etc.

Getting the wrong size, resolution, or aspect ratio for your post can make your Instagram start to look pretty messy & unprofessional. …

Rebecca Smart Bakken

An Ibiza based ex-tech-marketing guru turned ‘Audience Queen’ working with musicians on digital marketing and strategy

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