5 Creative Live Streams of Lockdown

Rebecca Smart Bakken
5 min readMay 27, 2020

While the world stood still and our homes literally became our safe houses; the creative industry is what’s kept the citizens of the world sane. From binge watching TV shows to at home parties for one dancing to streamed DJ sets, the arts have been entertaining the masses throughout the pandemic.

Live streaming video is nothing new. However, the popularity of the technology has skyrocketed since we’ve all been staying home under government order. What have the big artists been doing to separate themselves from the endless supply of other streamers trying to get our attention? Let’s take a look:

  1. Travis Scott in Fortnite

Following in the footsteps of Marshmello’s historic Fortnite appearance, Travis Scott performed a live show in the virtual world within the hit game. Clocking up an impressive 12.3 million players and setting an all-time record for participation in the game’s events, Scott’s performance is one for the history books.

By merging the two worlds of gaming and music, artists are taking advantage of their audience already being part of the game. Fortnite has been testing the waters with producers such as Marshmello, Travis Scott and Major Lazor, etc.

Scott’s event showed us that Fornite is a platform that’s here to stay. No other platform out there is pulling in live streaming numbers like this. Scott has also been experimenting with Twitch too by collaborating with Drake and Ninja. All three met and played each other, live streaming to their fans on Twitch.

They quickly saw from this test that the audiences on Twitch line up perfectly with theirs which is what spurred the decision to take to Fortnite and host the virtual performance. This is how any format grows. Test, experiment and execute.

Rebecca Smart Bakken

Rebecca is a tech entrepreneur driving change in the new music industry through innovative marketing strategies. Specialising in content marketing for musicians